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Sri Lanka is an Island Paradise widely known as the pearl of Indian Ocean, offers an enchanting journey to its amazing attractions. The country is rich in its culture, nature, breathtaking attractions and much more. Each location is distinctive to one another. Be it a beach resort, cultural sight, wild life, local traditions, beauty of landscape or even climate, offering its uniqueness.

Sri Lanka is rich in its history and heritage. In the Cultural areas there are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which include stunning monuments, temples and ruins of palaces. Sri Lanka is an island nation and has its dazzling coastline surrounded where there are pristine beaches to enjoy the sun & sand and water sports activities, your ability also to witness beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Furthermore, the country has its scenic Hill Country which is blessed with breathtaking beauty of mountains, waterfalls and world famous tea gardens. The main cities include the ancient hill capital Kandy which is also home to the Temple of the Tooth Relic of the Lord Buddha and Nuwara Eliya with its old world colonial charm. The exotic wildlife could be seen at National Parks where elephant gatherings, leopard safaris and bird watching are some of the highlights. There is much left to explore with nature and adventure lovers of which could indulge in trekking, white water rafting etc.

Sri Lanka's history tales over 2500 years. Many world renowned travellers have talked about this island. The Portuguese, The Dutch and The British have all left their influences which could be seen here. With varying climates within a few miles of each other, Sri Lanka offers an array of experiences throughout the whole country. Discover the mystery and the magic behind the warm hospitality of this miracle of the Indian Ocean with us at "Silver Sand Holidays"


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